Sunday, March 13, 2011

I try

I have some time today, after I just finished cleaning my kitchen and family room, resting my knee. The knee is a whole 'nother story. I decided a while back during a particularly cold day that I would try my hand at splitting firewood. (See: worst things ever for Linsey to do.) And how fun would it be to sink an axe in my knee. It wasn't pretty. It's fine now, but I have a feeling that I messed it up pretty bad, seeing as how squatting down and kneeling is not something it will allow me to do anymore. Stupid stupid stupid.

I did start a new job back in November. I'm working as a chef at Gourmage, one of my favorite places in New Braunfels to get food. Serving breakfast and lunch, I get to experiment, and have added a few things on the menu. I am getting pretty well known for my handmade marshmallows. They have been flying out the door almost as fast as I can make them. Plain ol' Vanilla ones, Dulce de Leche, Chai Spice, Honey Lavender, Raspberry, Moscato Peach, Chocolate Chip, and special for this week Guiness ones. I also did some that I rolled in Pop Rocks. They were a huge hit.
I have put a couple new soups on the menu that have been big hits too. The job was supposed to be temporary, until the holiday season was over, but the boss told me I wasn't allowed to go, so I stayed on.
Juggling my work schedule along with the boy's school schedules, extra curricular activities schedule, Derek's schedule, and of course the housework, household shopping etc. it has been hard. There have been a few things that have slipped through the cracks. People who know me know how crazy it makes me to forget things. Tho through it all I have learned what I can delegate and what I can't (the latter list being a whole lot longer), and really who my true friends are. Sad that I am a grown woman still learning that lesson. I am thankful for my friends who have forced their way into my life to solidify their spot.

So that is that. I will work harder this year to be more regular in my postings. As soon as I figure out how I can post from my new phone I'll be all set.

Have a wonderful week everyone!

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