Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Happy Christmas!

So much stuff has been going on it's crazy. It seems like since we got back from our Thanksgiving trip to Cali. I have been moving at break neck speed. On top of everything else I try to get done in a day I recently added a job to the mix (yes I am crazy) I'll talk more about that later tho.
I figured that I would do a quick post for those of you needing a last minute Christmas gift.

This one I did for a few people this year, including my son's teachers. They were VERY well received. Less than $5 each, they even make great hostess gifts, (I know whenever we attend a party I like to take a little something for the hostess) gifts for your mail carrier, lady that cuts your hair etc.

It all starts with the jar. Plain old jar. I got it at Hobby Lobby, regular price was $1.99, but they regularly go on sale for 50% off so I got mine for $.99 If you don't have a Hobby Lobby close to you check Michael's. I am sure they have something similar. You just want at least 1 smooth side.
Then go search the jewelry section of your favorite craft store. I found these:

I am not totally sure what they are called, medallions of some sort. Regular price of the package was $2.99, which I used my 40% off coupon on which brought the price down to $1.80 for a package of 4. ($.45 per medallion) When you choose your medallions you want to make sure they have a pretty flat back. Then I just glued it on the jar. Personally I use C.A. Glue, which is stronger than krazy or super glue. You will find it with the model kits at your craft store. Make sure you get the Thick C.A. glue, and while you are at it get a bottle of de-bonder as well. This stuff will NOT come off anything it gets on, including your skin, clothes etc. and if you accidentally glue things together that you did not intend the de-bonder is the only stuff that is gonna get it apart.

Now I filled some of my jars with good smelling bath salts. I get them from a local favorite day spa:

This particular one smells amazing. This 16 oz. bag was around $8 and I filled 2 of the bottles with it. If you are close to New Braunfels they have other bath salts, including the pink Himalayan Sea salts which are lovely too. They have a few scents to choose from and custom mix them for you. You could also make your own scented bath salts. Just buy a carton of Epsom salt and add a few drops of your favorite essential oil (just be careful, a little goes a long way!).
I also filled them with chocolate kisses for my son's teachers.
So that is my easy cheap last minute gift.

Today I am baking Stollen, my mother-in-law's recipe that has been in her family for only the lord knows how long. Her mother in Germany used to make it every Christmas. I'll try to get pictures up when I can.

Happy Christmas everyone!


  1. I love this little craft idea. I am going to have to tuck it into my brain for future reference.

    Amy W.