Thursday, December 31, 2009

To all my friends, family & acquaintances...

If I had given you a 40% off coupon to I apologize for them not working.
Kodak had approached me back in November asking if I would host a house party for them, to promote their new products and their company in general. They had provided me with a big stack of 40% off coupons to pass along to entice people to try their site, new products etc.
I have gotten emails from so many of you that the coupons were not working. The coupons expired on the 12th of December. I had sent my first email to Kodak on the 15th after posting the issues on the message board on the house party website. I got nothing but automatic responses from Kodak until last week. This morning I decided to just call their customer service rather than deal with email. I was told by a representative from Kodak that there was nothing they were able or willing to do to make this right. I have been a loyal customer of Kodak for many years. I have gotten my pictures printed through them, have had at least 3 of their cameras and one of their printers.

This situation has taught me that Kodak does not care about their customers. Even their most loyal. They thought nothing of taking advantage of me, using me to promote their business, giving nothing they promised in return, then asking me to pass out bogus coupons to people to further promote their business.

I will let everyone decide for themselves if they want to continue using Kodak or not. I for one will not. I will not allow a company that treats me like this to receive my hard earned money.

I recently placed an order with and was pleased with their service and quality of the prints. Their prices are cheaper than and they have many of the same products. And if you fan them on facebook ( ) you get a free photo book. I haven't gotten a photo book from them yet so I can't speak for that, but the prints were very nice. If you want 1 hour service you can pick your prints up at Walgreens, Walmart and others. I love too that you can get matte finish, where as Kodak only gave you glossy.

I have also used for prints as well. you can get the odd sizes there, like 4x4, 5x5 etc. Their quality and service is excellent too.

So that is that. I do plan on filing a complaint with the BBB. I doubt anything will come of it. But I wanted to make it known my feelings about the company and to apologize once again for Kodak's gross error since they won't.

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