Saturday, November 7, 2009

Sugar coma here we come!

As promised, this morning Derek and I took the boys to the next restaurant on their Adam Richman, Man V Food list. Lulu's Bakery and Cafe in San Antonio Texas.

They wanted only 1 thing. The giant 3 1/2 lb. cinnamon roll.
This is going to be their post but I'll get my part out of the way real quick first.
The cinnamon roll, featured on Adam Richman's San Antonio show. Lulu's is known for their giant cinnamon rolls but also for their Chicken fried steak. It's also huge. some people at the table next to us got one. it was darn near hanging off the huge plate it's served on. I did resist the urge to be the crazy food blogger and ask them if I could take a picture of their breakfast. I guess it was bad enough that I was snapping pictures of my kid's food.
Adam was all over the menu.
Apparently when Adam was there he consumed an entire cinnamon roll and the police chief (a full sized chicken friend steak topped with queso) I honestly don't know how he did it.
That cinnamon roll was daunting enough, then to eat an entire CFS, topped with queso.

So the boys ordered the cinnamon roll, Derek and I ordered off the menu. His breakfast consisted of 2 sausage patties a big helping of scrambled eggs, potatoes and 4 slices of toast, all that for less than $5. I got the migas breakfast which was really good. I gotta say the refried beans were really tasty, some of the best I have had. They brought Derek a HUGE glass of OJ and I had coffee. Ok, the coffee sucked. It was pretty weak.

The place was PACKED full of people. It's a seat yourself kind of res truant. The waitress let the boys pick their cinnamon roll (we only got 1 for the 2 of them. We are not stupid) then she heated it up and brought it out to them. I'll let them add their commentary now...

Alec: We looked and picked the one with the most frosting on it. The frosting is the best part.
Cole: Yeah, it was AWESOME!

Alec: I was surprised that it was really THAT big.

Alec: It took her a while to heat it up but it was totally worth it.
Cole: I couldn't wait to try it!!!

(Mom: Dad had to help cut it)


Cole: Look at that cross section! It's full of gooey goodness!
Alec: It was really good. We couldn't finish the entire thing. It was so much. We have it at home now.
Mom: It will be your breakfast tomorrow. :)

Lulu's Bakery and Cafe
918 N. Main Ave.
San Antonio Texas

The cinnamon roll was only $5.99, a decent price for the size of it.

We have another MVF outing planned. Check back to see where Alec & Cole go next!



    Scott goes to Lulu's religiously - very close to his office downtown SA. He brings back a cinnamon roll for the DEPARTMENT. :-)

    They are good!

  2. Very cute!

    I had a great time at Lulu's!