Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Field trip & a craving satisfied

I have been craving mochi for a while now. When we were in Maui for vacation I actually got to temporarily satisfy my craving, a local store was selling local handmade red bean mochi, and it was oh so good. Even the kids enjoyed it, which suprised my hubby. They have only had the ice cream mochi, which, back in California was easily found.
We used to get it at Trader Joe's all the time. (I REALLY miss Trader Joe's. I wish we had them in Texas) Here in Texas the only place we have been able to find them is Central Market.

Central Market, it's about a 30 minute drive and that is probably a good thing. If it was our regular grocery store we'd be bankrupt. So it is a once in a while treat for us. Every time we go we can't seem to get out of the store spending less than $50 and we really don't seem to get anything. The produce is amazing. They have just about everything you could want, with the exception of fresh curry leaves. (I use them when I make Upma and curry) Sunday when we went they were sampling out Golden Pineapple, fresh made guacamole, rainier cherries, navel oranges. watermelon & cantalope.
The meat and seafood department is great too. But my favorite area of the store is the cheese section. An entire section devoted to just cheese, & seperated by country/region.

It's all beautiful. Just about any cheese you can think of, they have. My oldest has become quite the cheesemonger. He likes this section too.

The wine section is also great

This is only a small part of it.

They also do SAMPLES!!!My family also loves the fresh made tortillas.

There is always a cute little old lady there making them.
They come in different flavors. The family loves the plain and the butter ones. They never last the car ride home.

Amazing bread

Doesn't it look yummy?
And of course you need butter. this is only a small part of the butter section. By this time I think the employees were catching on to me taking pictures and a lady kept following us around.

last but not least, the boys absolute FAVORITE part of the store, the gummy candies

Gummy just about EVERYTHING you can imagine. We always have to make a trip here before we leave.
So we got home and Derek and I indulged in the mochi after the kids went to bed.

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