Monday, September 10, 2007


A page FULLY completed! HORRAY FOR ME!
A group of us were supposed to be attending a crop Saturday night at our favorite store, but we ended up leaving the crop before we could even get our things un-packed. A horrible situation involving a new employee of the store. I'd rather not go into the details if y'all don't mind. It was just horrible and embarassing for my friend.
Such a bummer, because I was ready to spend some money, they had the cute Jack & Abby paper, and Ashville from Senic Route that I have been wanting to get.
Out of respect for our friend none of us bought anything. We left and came back to my house and croppped. My dh was very understanding, even went to the store to get us some chocolate. :D I got one other page pretty much done, just need to paint my chipboard and get it on the page. I was very happy with this one tho. These were not pictures that I intended to even scrap. HEB was having a sale on 4x6 prints this weekend (.5 cents each) so I printed up a bunch of pics. I had this paper & emblies, and found inspiration on the 2 peas gallery.

This week shapes up to be another busy one. Wednesday night is School Night for Scouting. I gotta get my display board finished for that. I also have to go some time this week to get altoid tins for the fundraiser crop I am helping with this weekend. (I am doing an altered tin make & take)
Some time soon I have got to clean up the office/guest room. I have a friend comming to stay with us next month & I want it to be nice and neat for her.
I still have to go through the boys clothes. never got time to do that last week.
Today i have to:
finish laundry (the never ending chore)
sweep/mop kitchen floor (always done after the weekend is over since the house is usually full of kids Sat.& Sun.)
Grocery store, get a few things for dinner. I am planning a to do a roast pork loin tonight with onions apples and sage. I hope it will turn out yummy. I just got the idea in my head over the weekend so I thought I'd give it a try.

Have a great day everyone!


  1. Love your lo!

    Sorry about the horrible lss experience though!

  2. Your layout looks great, I really need to do a cute boy layout like that! Love the colors.

  3. I love the layout. I'm glad you got to crop with your friend's despite the horrible lss employee.

  4. I love that picture with the totally green hands!

    Yikes on the lss employee, but glad you could get some time to scrap.