Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Sometimes my (often) anal retentive attention to detail gets me in trouble...

The painting in Cole's room is comming along quite nicely. I started with his closet. A normal sized closet, nothing huge by any means. should have taken me an afternoon to complete, 1 day at the most.
So, a little over 2 days later it's done.
Am I the only one who paints the top of closet shelves? or the top of door casing?
I found myself the other day, on the ladder, with (literally) a q-tip painting this tiny part of the closet shelf that no one will ever see, much less care about.
Am I going insane?
This kind of behavior gets me into trouble. I am so behind on painting (the closet not being the only reason) I just hope I can get it done before Cole gets back!

Well, I get my Calgon moment this weekend. my friends and I are spending Saturday night in Austin. We are going out to dinner, shopping then spend the night in our hotel room drinking and scrapbooking. YAY! this is one momma who needs a break! Who hoo!

I guess according to my friends on the SBA ring I am to post a picture today....
I don't have anything new to post. I have about a zillion projects in the works, nothing really started or completed yet.
so today I'll wax nostalgic and post an old pic, one of the first altered projects i did...

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I'm off to get a little something sweet (fresh strawberries, yum!) then will head to bed. (big day of painting again tommrow)

Have a wonderful night!


  1. No, you're not the only one. I'd be doing the same! LOL Don't try to change, it can't happen! :-))

    Your Sat. night sounds like a blast!! Have a great time.

  2. Very nice lunch box.

    I'm not that anal, at least about painting. I just want it done and over with : ). However, I am anal about other things. My entire house can be a total mess, but if there's a mark on the wall (handprint or whatever) and I notice it, I immediately have to clean it. Same with light switches. The floor can be crunching, the carpet covered in crap and all that really bothers me is the walls : ). Drives my dh nuts. Though it very rarely gets to the point of crunchy floors anymore : ).

  3. Love the italian pail!! I don't know about the painting thing, but I am getting ready to paint my first room in the next few months and now you have me thinking about what to do with the inside of the closet, LOL!

  4. Have fun in Austin! And I sure hope you get that painting done in time. :-)


    P. S. I tagged you. Go to my blog to see the details. ;-)

  5. P. S. S. Forgot to say how cute that little lunch box is. It's darling! :-)