Tuesday, June 19, 2007

couple shots from this past weekend

We took Alec ice skating for the first time with his cub scout pack. He had a great time, earned his Ice Skating belt loop too! I had a hard time getting the pictures to turn out. the camera kept focusing on the net around the rink. grr camera! Cole and I got out on the ice a short time later and gave it a go too. Did great, Cole only fell a couple times, I came close but didn't fall! YAY me! It had been about 13 years since I last skated, I was sure I would spend most of the time on my behind. It was a nice weekend.

I have such a busy week this week, it's only Tuesday and already my brain is fried. Starting off yesterday with a call from my dear husband, telling me it looks like his company may be heading the way of Enron, which puts me into full panic mode. (update as of today all should be ok. he just needs to start looking for another company) I have lots of work to do, while cole is gone I am gonna get his room finally painted! Today I started moving all the furniture and toys out of there, spackled holes, vaccumed, and started cleaning the walls. Tommrow I have to drive down to San Antonio to get a bunch of baseball tickets for cub scouts. I have to get Alec's birthday invites out in the mail this week... the list continues to grow and GROW and GROW.

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  1. Good luck getting it all done! I say this all the time (Calgon....).

  2. I know what you mean about being fried early in the week. Good luck painting.

  3. Cool idea--ice skating in the summer. That is one way to beat the heat.

  4. I so totally relate. We're having a party tomorrow and I've kind of let the house go, so I've been scrambling all week to make it presentable at least.

    I bet the ice skating felt nice and was fun.