Thursday, June 7, 2007

Creations from last week...

YAY! Lots done last week! Starting at the top and working my way down...
first layout was for a challenge on the Diva's crop. The pictures are of me when I was younger.
next is the altered letters, first the L, which I have had sitting in my stash waiting patiently to be used. Next is the big C, gonna be for cole's room. (did you notice I used my big paper rolls on these? :D)
Next is the A. I don't know if I can really take credit for this one. It's Alec's. He designed it himself. Picked out what color, paper and such he wanted and where. The only thing i added were the chipboard letters for his name. He's getting to be a creative kid that one...
lastly is the altered journal. I started making Alec a summer journal each summer. He writes in them each day during his summer vacation. sometimes draws pictures. It's cool because I save them and when he gets older he can look back and read what he did on his summer vacation each year! (plus it gives him a chance to pratice his handwriting!)
Yesterday was a crazy day. It was cole's birthday, my baby turned 4 years old! Ah! Time flies!
We spent some time in the ER with Alec too. At cubscout camp he got a fish hook in his leg. so they had to take him straight over to the ER to have it removed. Alec was such a trooper. Didn't cry once, even when the dr. gave him a shot, and when he took the hook out! So he is on some antibiotics and motrin for a week. It doesn't look pretty. It was pretty tender yesterday too. But this morning he got right back up and went back to camp. No swimming or fishing for him tho.
Yesterday my ATG gun also arrived! YAY! oh, I'm in LOVE! I threw away my herma tab dispenser. I can't wait till I can actually sit down and scrap with it!
I am of course gonna "alter" it. Gotta add some bling, mybe ribbon or flowers. personalize it, make it mine. :)
I am thinking of a name for it now. It seems that everyone has named theirs. hmmm...
what to name, what to name....
feel free to post any ideas!


  1. Love your projects! The lo on the top is great! Love the papers you chose.

    p.s. You need a SBA blog ring here! ;-)

  2. I like your summer journal. I should do that for my youngest.