Friday, June 15, 2007

Did you SEE that game last night?!?!

That game was AWSOME!!!
I don't think you can get a closer finish that that! 83/82 Spurs! HOLY COW!
The Cavs put up a good fight. It was an awsome game. You just can't stop the silver and black!
Parker got MVP and Horrey got the game ball. Awsome.
Hey, and our great city of San Antonio is still standing!
Take a lesson Los Angeles! You don't need to destroy your city when your team wins!
Where were the Lakers this year anyway? hmmmmmm.....


  1. Not a b-ball fan here but I'm glad you enjoyed the game!!

  2. I missed a few posts! I love your altered art that you have been posting. (I know it is not b-ball related, but it seemed silly to post in each of the previous ones :))