Saturday, June 2, 2007

On it's way!!!

My ATG gun! I finally ordered one & it's on it's way! YAY!!!

It just left Charlotte NC, heading towards me!!!
FedEx says it's estimated Delivery date is June 6th. Can I wait that long?

Is it bad that I track the package at least twice a day?

I got busy towards the end of this week. I did do some more projects for the Diva's b-day swap. I'll post pics of them later. I gotta get back to laundry now. (Have to catch up after a week of almost non-stop scrapbooking!)


  1. You'll love that ATG gun. I've had mine for years - long before scrapbooking. I use it for everything - especially for cards.

  2. Ooooh, hope your ATG has arrived by now. You will LOVE it, once you get used to it. Give it a week and you'll never go back to tape runners!