Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Back in the swing of things...

Boy is it hot here in South/Central Texas! Yesterday topped 100 degrees. YUCK! And I of course had to be out in it, (just running errands). Today I plan on staying in the cool air conditioning of my house all day! gonna do some cleaning around the house and start working on some tins that I need to do. I had only 2 on order but after this weekend I have one more to add to the mix. plus I am doing a box for myself, not a recipe, just a smaller one to keep my scrapbooking doo-dads and such in. I am gonna try to work on those today. Was at my Hobby Lobby yesterday and they didn't have the sheets of the double sided adhesive that i use for the outside of the tins. They have been out for at least 3 weeks! (i bought their last packs) I can't start the outside of the tins till i get more of it. I know, i should just get myself a xyron 900. and I want to, it's just that i can't afford to spend $100 on something like that right now. and it seems like every time i have the extra $60 to get it (with the 40% off coupon) they never have the coupon and when the coupon is out I don't have the extra money!If anyone has a 900 they want to sell for less than $60 now (w/ shipping) please let me know! I gotta get these boxes started!!!I did make a paper bag album for my grandma of her 60th b-day party (which happened about 12 years ago!). I did it on my way out to Cali, during my 3 hour layover in Las Vegas. I trimmed the pictures the night before, cut out all the paper (just squares and rectangles) so all i would have to do is assemble, emblish a bit (just brought with me a few flowers, colored brads and some jewels). The bag i also assembled the night before. It was nice, kept me busy in the terminal during my long lay-over and i had a nice little something to give my grandma when i saw are the pics:

my first paper bag album, please be gentle. I did this with my supplies balancing on my knees in a busy airport terminal!
and yes, that is me in the blue hawiian shirt at the ripe old age of 16! Her party was a hawiian themed so i used my karen foster paper that i have had in my stash for so long. coordinating colormates cardstock and just some random flowers and jewels from my stash as well. ribbon is american crafts.

thanks for looking!
Have a Crafty day!

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