Friday, August 18, 2006

A night out, Yay!!!

well, the baby sitter is all lined up, reservations have been made, movie tickets purchased. It's official. Derek and Linsey are going on our first date night since the DR Horton Christmas party LAST YEAR!

We have reservations at Johnny Carino's (
and tickets to go see "Talladega Nights".
WHO HOO! I cannot wait!
A quiet, HOT meal, and a non-animated film! Yes it's been a long time!

I just wanna a nice glass of wine and maybe even a dessert!

We took Alec to go meet his teacher for this up comming school year this afternoon. (first day is tuesday!) His teacher is nice. For those of you who are about the same age as I am, remember the very early episodes of the tv show "Saved by the Bell"? remember the teacher they had? blonde, kinda older, she did all the disney movies as a child? I for the life of me can't remember her name but that is who Alec's new teacher reminded me of. I'm sure the name will come to me at like 2 am when i am sleeping, (the most common time for me to remember things) I'll shoot out of bed, yell her name then rush to the computer to tell you all.

He is very excited about his new school. we ran into 3 of his friends from his old school so he was relieved to see some firmilar faces. The principal seems very nice too. He is excited and I have been waiting for the first day of school to come since abotu 2 weeks after the last day of school!
terrible I know but the boys have been fighting so much lately! It's driving me crazy!! I think they are around each other too much.

AHHH!!!!!! $&@%$*&%^$@!!! HALEY MILLS!!! That was her name!!!

well off to get ready!

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