Monday, August 14, 2006

Back from my quick trip to So. Cali...

was for my dad's 50th birthday. (i know, i know, my parents were young when they had me)
It was nice to see that side of my family. My little brothers (half-brothers) are getting so big. they are almost as tall as I am now, super active in sports and such. It makes me feel so old! I can remember when they were born! and here they are, pre-teen smart mouths! It is funny watching my dad be a "dad" all over again. He is so different with them than how he was with me. He lets them get away with a lot more! that's all of us below before the party.

It was a fun night. my uncle is the "mojito master" so he was fixing drinks for everyone all night. I however steered clear of them (not a big rum drinker my self).

I just hate flying so it was very nice to get off the plane for good back in old San Antonio. the O.C. airport was a madhouse. I would hate to have to do that every day!

more tommrow!
night night!

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