Monday, July 31, 2006

What I accomplished last Thursday...

During our weekly playgroup I got quite a bit accomplished. Not the entire box, just tied the ribbons on the handle. I also did the dividers. I have a few more to finish, also have to attach the jewels and the ribbon I made to go around the lid. Hopefully I will get it all done in the next few days then this can be shipped off. I'll take pictures and post them before I do that tho.

Today was another busy day, lots of errands to run. But all my errands got done (thankfully!) Cole was some what cooperative so that helped.
I found a desk for Alec's room & finished up his school supply shopping. All we have left to get is a box of tissues so it's no big deal.

I went to a crop this weekend, got only 2 pages done.
I have (so far) 2 more recipe boxes on order that I need to do. and one request for a "keepsake" box. luckly the keepsake box is no big rush, it's gonna take me a while to do that. (find the correct size and such)
Doing the altered items has been alot of fun. Some times just doing pages in the scrapbook can seem so daunting. the pictures just never end, it's forever a work in progress. These altered items I can do them and be done with it.

it's now 8:08, Derek is still on the phone with his brother, I guess this means we are not going to walmart afterall. probably for the better anyway, money seems to fly out of our pockets when we walk into that store!

I am TIRED! I think it will be an early bedtime tonight for me!


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  1. Love the lunchbox! I still need to work on this project this summer.