Wednesday, July 26, 2006

What did I accomplish today?

Of my to-do list today I got done:

Call Dr.'s office to make yearly un-pleasant appt. (but the office was closed today so i have to call back tommrow)
Clean downstairs bath (we just put the sink and toilet back in after finally installing the tile)
vacuum dining room/hall area (DONE!)
Clean scrap stuff off the dining room table (almost done, just have to bring some things upstairs)
The usual kitchen cleaning + sweep and mop floor (ok, 1/2 way done, swept, but didn't mop. i have playgroup here tommrow so cleaning it tonight is just pointless)
Try to restore some sort of order in my office/scrap room (note: need very large trash bags and willingness to get rid of items not used in a long time) (yeah right. like i will accomplish this any time soon!)
and if all gets done, work on dividers for recipe box I am making for my mom... (put off till tommrow. rather play with the youngest tonight and spend time with my hubby)

not too bad.
tommrow is another day!

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