Monday, September 12, 2011

Off to a fantastic start

Well, we are in our 4th week of homeschooling and things are moving right along. Alec is doing great with his math. We are ahead of schedule so I decided to back off math a bit and start incorporating more subjects to our day. I had Alec take the Language Arts placement test last week and that was an eye opener. I didn't realize how far behind he was in this area as well. He will take a history placement test this week as well, then we will head down to FEAST to get his curriculum.
So this week we are working on:
Math: just reinforcing math facts and learning about Roman Numerals.
History: continuing our study of WWII. We will start this week on the Pacific front of the battle.
Current events: last week Alec chose a story about a local woman who celebrated her 100th birthday. It was touching and sweet. I loved how he called her a "young lady".
We are reading together: Diary of Anne Frank
Alec is reading on his own: Moby Dick
I am reading on my own: My life in France by Julia Child (on the kindle app on my phone)

Alec did awesome today on his own. Me working 2 days a week has really helped him learn self motivation. I leave him a list of assignments to complete by the time I get home from work (usually around 3pm). The first couple weeks he didn't get much done. He would spend the day playing with his Legos, reading (which I didn't mind at all) or sneaking television. But having to spend Saturday and Sunday doing school while his friends were playing wasn't too much fun so last Friday and today he got everything done on his list including his chores.

Cole as usual is doing awesome. All his work that has been coming home has been 100's. He has had 2 spelling tests since the first day of school and some "practice" tests. His spelling tests he got 104's on (because the teacher puts extra credit words on there that are hard ones and he gets them all correct.) The practice tests are all 100's as well. Last week I took him out for ice cream to celebrate. He was so sweet and invited his brother to go too.

Well I better wrap this up. It's 9:30, I can still hear the boys in their rooms playing. They are supposed to be sleeping (in a perfect world they would listen the first time) but I hear Legos instead. I gotta go get my lesson plan ready for tomorrow, review the math one more time, and come up with a fun activity to help Alec learn his vocabulary words for history.

Till next time y'all have a great night!

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