Monday, July 26, 2010


Garden updates:

cantaloupe. I've watched this little guy grow from a tiny little marble. He gets bigger every day.

red bell pepper. Tiny little thing. so far, out of the 4 plants we planted this is the only one. sigh. there go my dreams of jars and jars of homemade roasted red bell peppers canned in olive oil, roasted red bell pepper relish...
GIANT carrots. Seriously, we have pulled out like 3 that were this big. and they are so tasty too!

Rocky is bored by garden talk. Poor thing can barely keep his eyes open.

4 cases of jars have been filled with various things. Recipes will be forth coming. This week I will be making more jam (got lots of strawberries to do something with). Pictures coming soon, and a neat giveaway.

I will leave you today with a simple recipe, something I make every time we throw meat on the grill (which during the summer epically is quite often)
If you grew zucchini and yellow squash this year this is a good recipe to use some of them up.

BBQ Veggies:
3-4 zucchini and yellow crookneck squashes (each) cut in half lengthwise then cut into half inch pieces.
1 large red onion (cut about the same size as the squash) and break them up a bit.
Olive oil (use the good stuff) a few good glugs around the pan
Balsamic Vinegar (again, the good stuff, I prefer the Alessi Balsamic Vinegar aged 20 years, it's pricey but it's good) a few good splashes around the pan
Thyme, I use fresh sprigs from my garden (about 5) you could use dried but I think the fresh is better
Kosher Salt and Pepper to taste
(optional) few tablespoons of un-salted butter

combine everything in one of those cheap disposable pans you get at the grocery store. If you are feeling particularly naughty you can add a few tablespoons of un-salted butter.

looks yummy already! When your coals are hot put this on the grill, depending on what else you are grilling, it needs to cook for about 30 minutes (also depending on how hot your coals are). Cook, stirring occasionally till you get this:
It's AH-MAZING. So good. Even my husband (who hates just about every veggie) likes this. It makes a great juice in the pan that is really good to dip some crusty bread in.
We cook this with steak, chicken, pork, I'd say fish too but my husband doesn't like fish so it's a rare occasion that we cook it. I have changed the herbs up a bit too, adding fresh oregano from the garden, or herbs de provence. It's yummy either way.

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