Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Quite possibly the BEST wedding I have ever attended

My own included!

Back in August/September of last year our little Texas family traveled up north to Minnesota, Waterville to be exact, to watch my husband's cousin get married.

The back story, my father in law is origionally from Minnesota, his older sister still lives there. She and her husband, and their son (grown with kids of his own) have a farm where they grown corn and they also operate a grainery.

The farm is awsome, corn fields as far as the eye can see.

My sous chef posing among the corn. The stalks are easily twice as tall as he. The kids loved it. They had never been on a farm like that before. We are more used to ranches in our neck of the woods.

He walked with my mother in law and picked some of these beauties:

Super sweet, juicy raspberries. Apparently planted 20 some odd years ago by my husband's grandma.

The kids ate handfuls of them as we explored the farm.

But, back to the wedding, which was beautiful. But the reception the next day was held at the farm, and this is what we feasted on:

2 whole locally raised, freshly killed, roast Pigs.
And these are the guys that raised dear little Porky & Petunia, ;) butchered them and cooked them for everyone.

And the money shot:

Juicy yummy porky-ness. crispy caramelized skin. Oh heaven! I am still dreaming about that dinner!

Then there were the usual bbq fixin's, beans, potato salad, veggies, etc. But the pork was the main attraction. Well, a close second to the bride and groom.

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