Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Another long stint between posts

Lucky me, my digital camera died completely, and beyond repair the day after christmas. (and yes, my dearest really did try to repair it, took it completely apart) It was a kodak, and after calling the 800 number They offered me a 10% discount on a new digital camera from their online store. yeah, I don't think so. 10% off is not a deal to me. I am shopping around for a new digital camera, my dream camera, a Nikon D-60 is currently out of our price range. I have been considering a less expensive Nikon coolpix until I can gather the funds for my ideal one.

So no pictures for a while. :(

I have been cooking like crazy, have lots of recipes to post, but I just hate recipes that have no pictures. I like to know what my dish should look like!

So, on to other subjects...

my newest cookbook:

Yeah it's good. I love watching him on Top Chef. I had tried his recipe for braised beef short ribs that was published in Food & Wine or was it Gourmet? or Saveur? I can't remember) a while ago & my entire family went BONKERS over it. I know he is the king of meat, and man those short ribs were tasty. Love my new cook book.

late night snack:

(took this one a long time ago)

(all from Central Market in San Antonio)

loaf of country french bread (freshly baked)

YUMMY mimollete cheese

candied spiced pecans (yeah, pecans are a big deal around here)

I am going to figure out this picture thing so I can get my stuff posted. It's driving me CRAZY!!

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