Thursday, March 13, 2008

Question of the week....

Are you an actual "housewife" if you hire others do your cooking/cleaning/raising of your children? Should you even be allowed to call your self a "Housewife"?
This season really has me shaking my head in wonder.

The "remodeling" of the new office/guest room is NOT going as planned. I was doing drywall repair yesterday. FUN! & have to finish today after cubscouts tonight.
(me in my whiney voice) I CAN'T EVEN START PAINTING YET!!!

I know I promised pics in the last post (last month, lol) I haven't snapped them yet. BUT I have plans to go crop with my friends this weekend (fingers crossed) so when I get back there will be LOTS of pics. :D

back to the crazyness!


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  2. Hmm...I would love to have some clean and cook for me, but not raise my kids! In my book, I think a housewife does it all and then some.

    Good luck on your painting-hope you will get to work on it soon!

    Happy cropping!