Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Piggy tales album

I worked on it saturday night for almost 4 hours, got 2 pages done. most of that time was working around the flaps. I was thisclose to tearing my hair out. Well before going any further here are pics of the pages:

I had to sacrafice 1 flap to create my own template. This album is no walk in the park.

I told my friend that if there was ever an album to kill me, this one would be it. My friend Angela, who also has the album, contacted piggy tales about the template. They sent us new ones, plus some goodies which was great, but the templates still don't work. The actual albums are not the size they state. the template noware near fits the flaps. It is just taking alot of trimming. My exacto is getting alot of action. :)

After working on the album I started not feeling so good, Sunday by mid morning a migrane is starting. Sunday night/Monday morning full blown migrane with pukies and everything. Migranes suck. Today is the first day that I have been able to get out of bed without feeling sick to my stomach. (horray!) Now it's lunch time & I'm starving. (not eating for 2 days will do that to you) I am gonna go eat something and then work on the album some more. Have a great day!

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