Friday, October 19, 2007

Isn't that the point?

I get at least 2 emails from CPSC (Consumer Product Saftey Comission) each day with items that have been recalled.
I guess I was in a snarky mood when I read this one...
"The Gymboree Corp. Recalls Toy Swords Due to Breakage and Laceration Hazard"
"Laceration Hazard" - Isn't that the point of a sword?!?!

LOL. I know it's a toy and not supposed to cause any REAL damage. just kinda struck me as funny.

Lots of things on my plate this week/weekend. This week we had our bi-monthly den meeting. This weekend we have the cubscouts raingutter regatta race & chili cook off. Today to prep for it I gotta gather my chili ingredients and make my chili powder. We also have a birthday saturday night, derek wants to go to the new braunfels air show saturday also, i just don't know how we are gonna fit it in. Sunday of course is football.

Cole's tooth finally came out wednesday.

Not on it's own accord I assure you. He just turned 4 and is way too young to be loosing that tooth. I guess this is what happens when 1 4 year old and 5 7-9 year olds play in a pool. One of Alec's friends knocked him in the mouth and the tooth came loose. It looked fine (the incident happend a couple weeks ago) until saturday when it started moving and sunday it was bleeding. his dentist said there was no saving the tooth, so now Cole will be toothless till the adult one comes in, which will be about 2-3 years. I gotta figure out how to re-create teeth in photo shop now for our christmas card pic. His new nickname is "Rocky". :D

well, off to the grocery store! Have a happy friday!