Monday, August 20, 2007

"I am serious, & don't call me Shirley"

Well, Derek & I watched "Airplane!" the other night, and the quotes have been flying ever since.
It was much needed after the week I had last week. I found out early in the week that some one very close to me had died suddenly. It's been rough. My best friend's Mom who was Mom to me too. It was suddenly and very un-expected. She was the mom of 2 boys, but a total girly-girl. She was always loving, supportive and just fun to be around. She loved cooking, her Christmas Spode & loved reffering to her old Emily Post book for advice on social graces.
She always said that my other bf Jodi and I were "the daughters she never got to have", and I think she was slightly dissapointed when we didn't marry one of her boys. But to be thought of as good enough for them was a tremendous honor. Before we would leave the house she would give each one of us a hug and whisper "you're my favorite, don't tell the others".
Makes me smile, I say that to my boys too.
Derek has been wonderfully understanding through it all. He only met her once I think. But has sat and listed to me sob & tell the stories I remembered. I think a layout is in order here! a tribute page. yup. now I gotta go dig through some pictures....

So we watched Airplane! friday night. It was on TBS or a similar channel so alot was edited. Still hilarious. Just what I needed.
Saturday I hosted a little cocktail party/recipe exchange for our mom's group. It was great, we had a blast. drank some wine had some finger-ey foods, talked it was so much fun. I had cleaned up a bit saturday night, but when we came downstairs sunday morning derek looked at all the empty wine bottles and said "looks like you guys had fun last night" yup we did!

So photobucket is down, I had a picture to post but can't get in there. :(
So I apologize for the picture free post. next one will be loaded with pics. :)
Have a great week! Mine is shaping up to be another busy one. Tho, I wouldn't have it any other way...


  1. Oh, sorry about your loss.

    Funny about the "Don't call me Shirley". My dh says that all the time.

  2. My DH says that all the time funny.

  3. Sorry for your loss, Glad the movie cheered you up movies and songs are good like that.

    Still waiting for the new LSS here in New Braunfels to open up. Just posted on the thread on 2 peas about my phone call.