Thursday, July 19, 2007

We got a pool!!!

totally un-planned, thanks to mother nature! lol. We had a pretty strong storm blow through here yesterday. This is the back yard in the middle of it. Got water in the kitchen, from the back door almost to the stairs. just lovely.

& more rain is forcasted for today. Derek just called to tell me a big cell is comming up from the south. gonna dump alot of rain on us again. I gotta go put the towels back along the bottom of the back door and hopefully that will keep some of the water out!

Today seems like a good day to stay inside! I have some projects for my etsy that I have been planning for, gathering the materials and such. Today seems like a good day to work on them. You'll have to be suprised with the finished creations but here is a sampling of the fabric I have been collecting over the past couple weeks:
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I don't understand why this picture looks so pixelated. strange.
Lately I am totally loving two local fabric shops, Quilt Haus (
and Oak Leaf Quilts ( I was getting so sick of seeing the same fabric for the past 3 years at hobby lobby. (They never get in anything new or exciting!) I feel like I have found new homes in Oak Leaf & Quilt Haus. I must say, if you are ever in New Braunfels, go check out Oak Leaf. I love the store! It looks just like an old fashioned merchantile shop. Like the ones you see in the old movies. Both stores have huge selections of just beautiful fabrics. I have realized that like shopping at a scrapbook store, I need to go into fabric stores with a purpose. not just to browse. I see all these beautiful fabrics and inspiration just smacks me in the face. A yard of this, two yards of that, it can get out of hand! I was lucky tho and the fabric i got at Quilt haus was 50% off. so that wasn't bad. I have plans for all of them, which brings me to the fact that I should get off the computer and get moving!
Hope you have a nice and dry day!


  1. Ooooh, pretty fabrics! Can't wait to see what you do with them.

    I hope the next bout of rain misses you! Yuck.

  2. How horrible about your "flood"! Isn't that frustrating!

    Those are some wonderful fabrics. I can definitely relate to the dangers of fabric shopping. I'm certainly an addict!

  3. Hope you got the stuff done! fI love the fabric.

    That is a lot of rain! If it happened here, we'd have tons of mud, since our yard hasn't been done yet. I'd worry that it'd create a mini landslide into my neighbor's new front yard (their front yard butts up against our backyard, it's kind of strange). Hope you didn't get any water damage.

  4. That's a big "pool" -hope it dries up without too much damage. Yikes!

    The fabric are really pretty-and I love Cole's room from the previous post! Nice work!