Monday, May 21, 2007

The Saga Begins

for granola that is...
My morning breakfast usually consists of a bowl of plain yogurt (Brown Cow Brand or Horizon are my favorites) and a handful of granola. Lately I have been loving this packaged granola I get from my HEB. It has cranberries and pecans in it. So yummy and crunchy! But at almost $5 a bag (and a bag lasts about a week) I am just thinking that I could make it myself for alot less.
So last week I embarked on my quest for a good crunchy granola recipe.

1 recipe has been attempted, and if it is any indication as to how this quest will go...
This is not going to be easy.

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I found a recipe on for a stove top granola with cranberries and almonds. Since I didn't have any almonds I substituted chopped pecans for it. I folowed the recipe exactly how it was laid out, except for the addition of a little fresh nutmeg & cinnamon.
It tasted good.
No crunch tho. it was quite chewy. not what I was looking for.
I am thinking that the granola needs some time in the oven to get crispy.
& I need some more research time.

The quest continues....

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