Saturday, April 28, 2007

So I am moving back...

I had to leave blogger because I was having too many problems with it not jive-ing with my browser so i went to wordpress, which worked fine for a while but then I started having problems too. Spent too much time on the phone with tech support, thought it was fixed, but alas no. I started another blog here, for my culinary addiction ( and it has been working well for me so we will give it another go. So far so good. I'll start transffering posts from my wordpress blog here in the next day or so. If it proves too daunting of a task, i'll just move the pictures.

So I am a single mom this weekend. Derek left for California last night to go visit his brother who is turning 30 on monday. Last night the boys got a treat, McDonalds for dinner. After they were ready for bed I turned on a movie for them (Night at the Museum) and played in my room for a while. I worked on a few projects, started on some outlines for some new classes I am teaching & started assembling the kits. Today I have Alec cleaning his room (well he is supposed to be anyway) Cole playing quietly in his room, and I am in the middle of laundry and more creating. When I have something done I'll post a pic.

Hope everyone has a good weekend!

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