Friday, April 28, 2006

My Uncle...

I was going through my bookmark list this am and came across this site. I do visit it quite frequently but today I am in a particular mood (missing my family) and felt like writing about this.
This is a great group of people who are friends of my uncle and enforcers of elder abuse rights. They created the site to get awareness out there about elder abuse and to help my uncle's cause. They are outside his house in Palos Verdes every week marching with signs and encouraging others to fight against elder abuse.
My uncle is a great man. He did so much for our community back in CA. He fought in the Korean war where he was hit in the head by shrapnel from a near by bomb that caused his condition.The funny thing is that none of us had any problems understanding him. He had a little trouble with english, it would come out kinda garbled, but when he spoke spanish it was perfect. (He and my grandma are originally from Puerto Rico)
He LOVES base ball. his team is the Dodgers. He was great friends with Tommy Lasorda. He has this collection of baseball bats that he has had signed by the dodgers players each season. Before we moved I would go visit with him at my grandma's house 2 or 3 times a week, he and my youngest cole, would play in the back yard together. throwing the ball, looking at the flowers, trees, watching the squirrels run across the fence. His face would light up when Cole would walk in the house and Cole would get so excited when we would pull in the drive way. They were great pals.
It just KILLS me because all these times of them hanging out together none of us ever thought to bring a camera and take pics. I have this one memory of the two of them walking around the back yard, holding hands, my Uncle pointing to things here and there and telling Cole something. Cole would just look up at him as if he understood. at one point Cole stopped and put his arms up as if to say "Pick me up" and my Uncle just bent down to pick him up, gave him a quick squeeze then continued their walk. GOD! I wish I had pics of that! I SOOO want Cole to remember that time, that place, his great-Uncle. If that witch gets her way we will never have the chance again.

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