Friday, April 21, 2006

My Scrap/Craft/Guest/Office Room, The Saga Continues...

This has been a long time comming! I finally made some major progress in the room! As you can see I have the accent wall painted. The stripes are done! I think it looks great but I doubt I will ever attempt this again! We have textured walls throughout the house and trying to get a clean line for the stripes with the textured walls is just impossible! I used blue painters tape (Derek helped me so the stripes would be straight) and thought it had it on the wall real good but the paint ended up seeping under the tape. I had to go along each line with a foam brush with more white paint to clean it up. That took me forever! I DO NOT reccomend this if you have any sort of texture on your walls! I painted the rest of the room with the Russian Blue Paint from Behr. The room looks great. Painting the walls has made me realize that I need better lighting in there now. So the next expense will probably be a new light fixture for the room, preferably a ceiling fan since some afternoons it can get pretty hot in here!
For painting the stripes I used 3 different shades of blue. 10" stripes of Bleached Denim, 6" Stripes of Windsor Haze & 3" stripes of Russian Blue, all by Behr in eggshell finish.
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  1. OMG that looks like a ton of work! I just painted my scraproom yellow, no stripes for me! :) I found your blog from CK. I also live in TX, in Universal City.