Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Celebrity Sighting, gem mining and garden planning 2012

First I am just BURSTING with excitement! Friday Maureen McCormick had lunch in my restaurant! (AKA Marcia Brady!!) I grew up watching her on The Brady Bunch of course. I LOVED that show! She was just the nicest sweetest person! Loved everything I made for her. This is her second time coming in (the last time she came in on my day off). It was a thrill.

A few weeks ago I took the boys on a field trip to the Innerspace Caverns just north of Austin.
They were having a homeschool special day so we got discounts on the tour, gem mining etc. The boys had a fantastic time! They learned so much! I just wish we were studying geology but this came up after we had already started on the animal kingdom section.
The boys touching the 1 rock in the cave you are allowed to touch.
The caverns went down a LOONG way. Some places were kinda tight and then there were BIG areas like this. The farther we went down the more humid and hot it got. (and it was a cold day!)

Sooo the update...
Math: 10 days to multiplication mastery (we need to re-enforce the basics) Starting day 4 tomorrow.
History: Istanbul/ Turkey
English: figures of speech and contractions.
Science: continuing our Animal unit, learning about animal behavior
Art History: Continuing study on Impressionism, this week we will be creating our own impressionist paintings.
What we are reading together: Works of VanGogh (reading & studying the paintings)
Alec is reading on his own: Oliver Twist
I am reading on my own: Atlas Shrugged (I'll be reading this one for a while!) in preparation for part 2 of the movie coming out in October.

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