Sunday, February 19, 2012

Wow. So much as happened since my last post. Boy, reading it over it was kinda gloomy wasn't it? That is the reality of things sometimes. Homeschooling isn't all rainbows and unicorns.
Currently Alec is getting ready to compete in a home school science fair. He has been diligently working this past weekend on it. He hasn't written his report yet, nor have we started on his display. (YIKES!) I just pray he gets it done before Friday morning.

On the work front things have been going great. Had a photo shoot week before last with not 1 but 2 publications. If you are in the San Antonio area grab the April/May/June issue of TASTE magazine. My fresh chevre ice cream will be featured as well as some BEAUTIFUL pictures of cheeses from the shop. We also had our local paper come out and do a story on the candies we made for Valentine's day including strawberries and cream marshmallows. (they are SO GOOD!)
I made some Salted Caramel sauce that we added to the hot chocolate and we sold out EVERY DAY last week. Then I got a little naughty and made the breakfast special Irish Oatmeal topped with diced green apple and drizzled with the salted caramel sauce. HEAVEN in a mug!

So I had started this back a long time ago in an effort to get me to post more often, so I'll start it up again, tho this will be for last week

So last week we worked on:
Math: Beginning geometry (eek!!!) and of course practicing math facts (mostly addition and long division)
History: Asia/Hong Kong
English: Continuing unit on Poetry and Prose
Art History: Continuing study on Impressionism
What we are reading together: Masterworks of Monet (well, reading and studying the paintings)
Alec is reading on his own: Oliver Twist
I am reading on my own: Mockingjay (on the kindle app on my phone) I know I am totally late to the whole Hunger Games craze. My friend just got me started on it.

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