Monday, September 5, 2011

First day of school

The boys with their schule tutes before school. We do schule tutes every year. It's a tradition that we have continued over the years. My in-laws did it for Derek and his brother when they were growing up. We fill them up with little toys (usually a small lego set) and some fun school supplies, like cartoon pencils, colored paper clips etc.

Alec trying real hard to concentrate on his math lesson. He is just loving teaching textbooks.
Here is a little tour of our room, for the most part done.
The table/desk. Derek and I actually built it. I LOVE it. It's the perfect height to work at standing up or sitting on a stool. On the shelves are some of our supplies, manipulatives, Also my rotary cutter, cricut and some of our art supplies.
Derek built me the shelf in the corner for the tv, dvd player, cable box. We have the dinosaur desktop computer in the corner with the printer (brother multi-function which I love!!! CHEAP ink cartridges!!) And the bookshelf that holds more supplies and curriculum.
The "Reading Corner". This is still kinda in progress. The chair we found at Goodwill, only $12. We have covered it in a black sheet since the light lavender color doesn't really go with the room. We are looking for fabric to re-do the chair in and a rug to go under it. The art on the wall is (in the frame) a print of Van Gogh's Iris's that I got from the J.Paul Getty museum. The other 2 are paintings Cole did in art class over the summer. It is where Alec sits when he does his reading and when we watch a video.
Back to the table again. The white board we got from Target, I had a gift card that I got for transferring a prescription, so it was about $7 out of pocket. And of course our little blue caddy in the center of the table came from Ikea and we keep it filled with pencils, pens, erasers, scissors, white board markers etc.

So that is the tour of our school room. I am gonna head to bed now. We have tennis first thing tomorrow morning.

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