Thursday, August 27, 2009

Another Favorite

Boy this first week of school is kicking my butt. School, PTA, Football practice and getting ready for Cub Scouts has got me a little frazzled.
I have time for a quicker post today. Another favorite website

Food Gawker is a website that I visit at least 2 times a day. I love it for inspiration, ideas, or to just waste time.
It's similar to Tastespotting. Which itself is nice. While I can appreciate good photography, I really don't need professional pictures ALL THE TIME. Sometimes I just want a decent picture and a good recipe. (the recipe part being more important to me) It does seem like you need to be a professional photographer with a fancy studio to get your stuff submitted on there. ( I had tried a few times back before my good camera broke and was rejected for reasons I am still scratching my head over)
Anyway, foodgawker seems to update more often and there are TONS of great recipes and pictures on there.

My favorite today:
It's a video from Foodtease about Hatch chilies
It's hatch season here in Texas. They are all over the grocery stores. At the Central Market in San Antonio they have HUGE drums of them roasting outside. As you walk to the entrance the smell is amazing!

Well, I am off again to get the Bear ready for football practice. No rest in this house. Have a wonderful afternoon!

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