Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Where has all the dill gone?

Apparently there is a shortage of fresh dill in South Central Texas.
It was one of the few herbs that I did not plant this year and I am really regretting it now. Derek and I have been plucking more cucumbers off the vines this year and I have another bucket that needs to be pickled. I already did Sweet & Spicy Pickles. It was my plan to do dill pickles this week. I personally LOVE dill pickles. My local meat market makes some pretty darn good ones. I do wish they were a little crunchier but they are pretty close to awesome. Derek took me out last night to get more jars and a few more supplies. We went to HEB, Walmart & I called Albertsons (the 3 grocery stores in our town) and no one had ANY dill!!

What is going on here?!?! I can't make dill pickles without dill!

On a happy note we got our first ear of corn from the garden a couple days ago.
It was one of the Sugar Pearls. So good, sweet and crunchy. We cut the kernels off the cob and ate them raw. I made a little salad:

Lettuce, corn and the little yellow tear drop tomatoes picked fresh from the garden. dressed with a little salt, pepper, olive oil and a very little bit of white wine vinegar. This is the best part of gardening!

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