Monday, November 3, 2008

Comfort foods...

Well, here in central Texas it is starting to cool down. The crisp-ness is comming back in the air. The leaves and grass are starting to turn brown and crunchy. Whenever it gets cold and windy I want homey food. I tend to do lots of roasts, stews, soups and such.

I have been working recently on some comfort foods. Week before last (when we got the first cold front of the season) I did chili & cornbread. (look for the recipe to be posted soon)

My first comfort food, some may not really consider it a comfort food. Just 1 ingredient. But to me it is a dish, or a snack that really makes me feel safe, and reminds me of home. Well my grandma's home.

My grandma was born and raised in Mayaguez Puerto Rico. Growing up I spent alot of time at her house. My parents divorced when I was pretty young, so my mom, a newly single mom, working full time and going to school full time, left me to stay with my grandma after school was over, till she came to pick me up.

My grandma, was an amazing cook. Beans & rice, Coconut rice pudding, and this my favorite, fried plantains (or Tostones). Tho we never really served them with anything. They were an after school snack, or a side dish with dinner.

I was having a craving last night so I grabbed a green plantain and got busy.

Just the smell of the plantain frying in the hot oil took me right back to her kitchen. The cold tile counter, the heavy cast iron skillet.

There really isn't a "recipe" per-say. All she did was take some veggie oil in a pan and heated it up. Sliced the plantain into a little thicker slices, peeled the slices. Then she got out an old heavy drinking glass and smashed the plantain with the bottom of the glass. sometimes she would take a piece of peeled garlic, smash it with the glass first, then smash the plantain slice. They would then get fried in the hot oil till browned. Out from the oil they came to drain on paper towel. A quick sprinkle of salt and that is it.

So good and so yummy.

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