Tuesday, February 5, 2008

It's been a long month (or 2)...

Thank God the holidays are over! Christmas just about killed me. We finally got Alec's room done. Finished the painting before we left to visit family for Christmas. We put the furniture together when we got back. He loved it. His reaction really made it worth it for me. He still gives us hugs and says thank you for his new "grown up" room. Such a sweet boy.

The red and blue blanket totally doesn't go with his room, I know. In cleaning out his old room I found it up in his closet. It was a blanket that his great-great grandma made for him when he was born. He loves it so we put it on his bed.

I humbly as for prayers if you are so inclined. My very good friend Erika's little boy Jake has been in the hospital for the past few weeks. Very sick, with a bad case of strep, and RSV amoung other things. He was finally taken off the ventilator and they took the intibation tube out, now is the road to recovery which will be a hard one. Currently he is going through withdrawls from the morpheine he was on while intibated. So if you have a moment, please say a prayer for him.

On the crafting front.... I have a few projects in the works. I just finished a pretty big page kit swap. I have also been working on some cards and started an album using the new piggy tales flap album. (I got the slide one too)
you can see it here at http://www.piggytales.com/ . I have plans to work on it today. I'll post pics when I finish.

I am in the process now of getting Alec's old room transformed into the new guest room/office/craft room. This is what it looks like currently

Yup, the blue wall is going, as are the curtians (neon blue dragons and flames really aren't my thing. those are a LOONG story for another day). I have gotten all the stuff off the walls and patched the holes. I am still trying to decide on a paint color. The room gets so much light I could go with a darker color, but I am not sure that I want to do that. I go back and forth between colors. First it was warmer colors, golds and reds. Then to greens, right now I am thinking of brown walls and white trim. But that will probably change tommrow. I gotta primer first anyway so I have a little time to decide. But I need to get it done asap because I am sick of having the computer in the bedroom and all my stuff in boxes scattered around the house.
Well back to my paint chips.
Must choose paint color
Must choose paint color!

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