Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A weekend of relaxing, fun & embarassment..

Relaxing: When the temp. out side does not go above 40 degrees, it is rainy and windy, the best thing to do is to sit infront of a roaring fire. ALL DAY.

what a nice fire huh? can you feel the warmth through your moniter? the boys spent a good portion of the weekend at the in-laws house, so derek & i sat infront of the fire all day. Did a little christmas shopping online.

Fun: We watched Evan Almighty on Sunday. What a fun movie! Steve Carrell is too funny. After that was over, Bruce Almighty was on tv so we watched that too. One of my favorite movies. I love the message that they both have. Great family movie Evan was. Also scored a toy that Alec has been asking for for christmas online so that was fun. did a little happy dance around the living room.

Embarassing: While shopping at Walmart (had to get some more firewood and milk) some guy tripped me (not on purpose I suspect, he was very apologetic) and I fell flat against the glass door where the milk is kept. So graceful and elegant I am. The day is not complete unless I fall, trip or drop something on me.

I am in the process of moving my office/guest room/crafting, scrap room so the majority of my scrapping supplies is packed up until I can set up my new room, which probably won't happen till some time in January. One last look at my striped walls:

My lovely stripes will be painted over as my office will become Alec's room. Kinda sad, those stripes took me a week to do.

Have a wonderful week!


  1. Wow, those stripes are cool! It's a shame you have to make them go away.

    Too funny (as long as you're ok) about tripping. I do this often. My family calls me Grace.

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  3. Well, I had to giggle a bit because I can see me doing the SAME thing...LOL Glad you survived!!!

  4. I love your walls!!
    I was wondering if you had smooth surface walls or textured? When i painted my daughters room like this it bled through the tape.

    Any tips?