Sunday, July 29, 2007

The un-veiling

or what has kept me sane during all these rainy days! Ha ha.

Here is the first apron. It is a fairly simple one. Fabric is from Amy Butler. I first saw the flowery fabric and just had to get it (with no real plan in mind for it) the pink dots came later. I'm not ready to list it on my etsy yet tho, I have been searching for some brown rick rack to go along the bottom of the waistband but have had no luck. (checked 3 stores!) So if anyone knows where I can get some medium-ish wide rick rack please let me know!
The rest of my aprons are on my etsy, link here:
I had so much fun doing them! I have 2 more patterns and even more fabric that I am gonna work on when I can. My oldest is comming home Tuesday from an almost month long visit with his grandparents, So I am sure I'll be busy with the house full of kids like it was before he left. That's summer.
I added a couple other things on my etsy as well. I just LOVE that site. I have gotten a few things from there.
I just love, Daisy Cakes soap. She makes this AWSOME Chai Tea lip balm. It smells so good!
& of course everyone's favorite since Ali E. posted about:, Every Jot & Tittle. I have a whole tin of tags and such from that store. Even used them in a swap I recently signed up for.
I just love to browse the site, see what people are up to.
It got me thinking. My store is pretty plain. I haven't really had a chance to make a banner for it, or even come up with a clever name.
So here is a little RAK for all the readers of this blog out there....
Help me name my etsy store!
feel free to ask any questions, post a comment with your idea.
I'll choose a winner & that person will recieve a special package from me! (i'll put it together tonight & post a pic)
Help an etsy girl out!


  1. I'm not very good at this.

    How about "Apron Strings and Pretty Things"?

  2. Dawn in TX (formerly La)July 30, 2007 at 11:38 PM

    Hopefully this idea is not too narrow for what you're selling... first thing that came to mind was "Sew Texas." Can I leave more than one idea?? :-) The second one is "Got Fabric?" based on your Gotpictures name, of course!!