Thursday, May 4, 2006

Today was a good day...

Thursday, our usual Scrapbooking Stay At Home Mom's Playgroup. Everyone got here around 10:30 and left shortly after 3:00. I (amazingly) got 5 pages done! The kids were great! (as usual).
It just seemed like everything was coming together today. Earlier this week was so chaotic for me, I just didn't think was gonna be ready in time for today. I was sick for most of Wednesday and spent most of Monday and Tuesday running errands. But miraciously this morning I got the back yard cleaned up, (poop and took care of fire ant nests) got the downstairs straightened up & vacuumed, kitchen cleaned, counters wiped, dishes washed, cleaned off the dining room table, I even made banana chocolate chip muffins with the super ripe bananas I had sitting in the fruit bowl on the counter! All before 10:30 this morning! I am impressed with myself!
Alec just got home from school, while he works on his homework I am gonna sit and see if I can get even more pages done.
Ah! I just remembered I gotta figure out what we are gonna have for dinner tonight! I have not planned one single thing! Looks like I will be studying Rachel Ray instead!
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